domingo, 20 de enero de 2013

Comic Economix


Esta tan de actualidad la economia que os traigo un modo ameno de aprender sobre la economia desde el pasado. Esta en ingles el comic

"Economix. It’s a 300 page comic book that does what it promises — it gives readers a visual explanation of this very complex subject, complete with fun little bits of history and quotes from famous people (you’ll look at some past presidents in a completely different light when you’re done with this book) and non-technical explanations that avoid complex math and instead use subtle visual clues to keep your brain focused on a specific concept or theory. It’s genius.

I’ve completed the entire book — took me over a week to read it because this is dense stuff! I don’t mean dense as in unfathomable… it’s completely the opposite. It’s easy to follow, but a little goes a long way. You read a chapter (typically about 20 pages of 4-6 panels) and then you really need to put the book down and let it sink in. Later chapters build on previous chapters’ content, so there’s a real benefit to going slow and not trying to read the entire thing in one or two days. Understand the fundamentals introduced early on, and the later chapters really shine as you begin to realize just how well you are understanding this complex subject." - Wired

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